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I missed yesterday...

...but I'm not going to get discouraged.

Yesterday, we used the spirometer in class - the one I learned how to use on Monday - and we got decent results.  First, we'd examined respiratory rates (resting, after jumping jacks for a minute, and after a calming breathing exercise) for the whole class.  That in itself was an interesting activity, with 17-year-olds getting very giggly when they were supposed to be following a simple, alternate-nostril breathing exercise.  They also got distracted and asked if I could start a yoga club... but that's typical.  Tangents are the natural order in my classes.

For sanitary reasons, we use disposable mouthpieces for the spirometer, so instead of having everyone use it, we usually take a few volunteers, as they are in limited supply.  Rule number one:  don't inhale!  (It's full of water.)  Rule number two:  listen to Ms De Jong!  One of the measurements is actually a two-step process so we can subtract values... and it requires someone being able to see both.  Difficult when the pause between step one and step two is too brief.

In all, I think it went well, and I would probably use the spirometer again next time I teach the unit - and might encourage students to use for their Individual Investigation (a 10 hour lab they have to design, perform, and analyse as part of their IB Biology grade) if they are interested in respiratory physiology or exercise science.

Now, do I need to post again today to compensate??


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So... what did I learn today?  I finally learned how to use the spirometer.  I've been at this school for longer than my grade 12's have been alive (kids born the year I started at this school are in their first year of university now), and I've never used the thing. Seriously, I could have searched Youtube for an instructional video - oh look, I found one!

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